Dallas Texas is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. It offers a diverse and exciting urban environment filled with a variety of learning, entertainment and employment opportunities.

Dallas is home to a huge collection of fortune 500 companies as compared to other cities in the country. This makes it one of the best places for graduates to be; kick starting a career in any one of these top rated companies is definitely a dream come true for any graduate. It is also worth noting that the unemployment rate in Dallas is way below the national average.

With its top rated attractions, the city also provides residents with a variety of rest and relaxation opportunities outside the classroom and workplace.

If you are sold on the above, let’s shift our focus to some of the universities located in Dallas Texas.

Southern Methodist University

Southern Methodist University, SMU, is a non sectarian midsized private university located in a suburb in Dallas. Established by the United Methodist Church, as it is presently referred to, in conjunction with civic leaders, SMU has grown to offer 290 degree programs to around 12,000 students draw from all corners of the country and world at large.

The university is highly rated for its strong research and leadership development programs. The students, alumni and faculty are offered unrivalled development support through the institution’s hands on research and international study opportunities among others.

Dallas Baptist University

Starting out as a small junior college in Decatur, Dallas Baptist University, as it is referred to today, was later moved to the foothills located in the western part of Dallas. This is a midsized university located close to the heart of Dallas. It offers about 170 degree programs to upwards of five thousand students.

The university is devoted to developing servant leaders looking to serve the world through faith and devotion to God.

University Of North Texas

Located just north of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the University of North Texas is one of the largest higher learning institutions in the country. This public institution strives to be the best through offering strong academic, athletic and arts programs. To produce the most productive, forward thinking scholars the university has created an environment of advancing educational excellence at all levels.

Offering over three hundred degree programs, UNT also has a well developed and diverse research program that is dedicated to developing useful innovations and discoveries that will change the present, and shape the future at all levels of human existence. The university is also committed to producing prominent leaders who will take the country and the world to the next level.